Tips & Tricks

Never give away your passport

There are cases where backpackers were forced into work because they didn’t get their passport back otherwise.

 (if they request your passport give them a copy)

Fill in documents yourself

Never let a farmer or somebody else fill in you tax papers etc. make sure to check it before handing it to them

Check if there is any bond

When staying in a working hostel always ask if there is a bond you can lose before checking in!

Help each other out

Before going to a farm or working hostel make sure you ask other backpackers about the place or look online for reviews

Before you go!

Make sure that before you travel to a farm or working hostel there is actually work for you. it happens often that the farmer wants to be sure he has enough people and hires too many backpackers.

(which can leave you without work)

Have the tools

*This counts for any type of farm work!
Always bring:
– Enough water (8 L)
– Sunscreen
– Good clothing
– (Music)

Usefull links


Harvest calendar

See exactly where and when the season starts so you are on time for getting work.

Check out our app

Everything you need for your second visa in one place. with over 250 workplaces 

Fair work Australia

It can happen that your employer didn’t pay you enough or are there other problems. In that case you should contact Fair Work


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Backpacker deals

After you have finished your farm work it’s time to relax. Here you can find the best deals for backpackers.

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